5.5 Magnitude Earthquake Jolts Dhaka and Various Parts Across Bangladesh

DHAKA, Bangladesh – December 2, 2023


On Saturday morning, Bangladesh experienced a mild earthquake, registering 5.5 on the Richter scale, with tremors felt across the entire country. Fortunately, there have been no immediate reports of damage or injuries.

The earthquake, which occurred at 9:35 a.m., was recorded by the United States Geological Survey. The epicenter was located approximately 8 kilometers (5 miles) east of Ramganj in the southeastern district of Lakshmipur, with a depth of 10 kilometers (6 miles).

Residents in the capital city, Dhaka, and other parts of the country reported feeling the tremors, prompting many to share their experiences on social media platforms such as Facebook. Despite the unsettling nature of the event, there are no current indications of significant consequences.

This seismic activity adds to the series of earthquakes that Bangladesh has experienced this year. In August, the country encountered another earthquake along the border of northeast India. Authorities are continuing to monitor the situation closely, emphasizing the importance of preparedness and awareness in earthquake-prone regions.

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