Angelica Ross Reveals Allegations of ‘Mind Games’ and Transphobia by Emma Roberts on American Horror Story Set

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Angelica Ross Reveals Allegations of 'Mind Games' and Transphobia by Emma Roberts on American Horror Story Set

Los Angeles, CA – September 21, 2023

Angelica Ross, renowned for her appearances in “American Horror Story,” has pulled back the curtain on some unsettling occurrences during her time on the show, including claims of transphobia and on-set tensions with fellow actress Emma Roberts.

In a series of revelations, Ross unveiled a glimpse of behind-the-scenes drama, commencing with her sharing emails between herself and the show’s creator, Ryan Murphy, regarding a shelved season of “American Horror Story” that Ross alleges cost her a role in a Marvel production.

Ross has been candid about her experiences, underlining her commitment to transparency. She stated, “If I’m at the point of publicly showing receipts, you can believe I don’t have any [expletives] left to give when it comes down to it. And I’m not even done pulling out the receipts.”

Her latest revelation targets Emma Roberts, describing how Roberts “irritated… almost every actor” on the set of “American Horror Story: 1984” by engaging in what Ross characterized as psychological games. She also claimed that Roberts was transphobic towards her.

Ross recounted an incident on set involving herself, Roberts, and director John J. Gray. Roberts reportedly semi-jokingly complained that Ross was being unkind to her. Gray attempted to defuse the situation by suggesting they get back to work. Roberts’s response allegedly was, “Don’t you mean lady?” This comment implied that Ross, who identifies as transgender, was not a woman.

Ross explained her reluctance to confront the situation, fearing that speaking out would make her the problem, as she had seen someone else face repercussions for doing so in the past.

During her Instagram Live, Ross further detailed that Roberts had raised her voice at directors and sought to compare salaries with her co-stars, asserting her position as number one on the call sheet.

While Emma Roberts’s representative has not yet responded to these allegations, Ross’s revelations have ignited conversations about workplace dynamics and the treatment of transgender individuals in the entertainment industry.

For more updates on this story and others in the entertainment world, stay tuned.

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