Apple introduces groundbreaking stolen device protection feature to fortify iPhone security

New York, NY – December 14, 2023


Apple is set to revolutionize iPhone security with the upcoming release of Stolen Device Protection. This groundbreaking feature, part of the iOS 17.3 update, adds an extra layer of defense against potential thieves by requiring FaceID facial recognition in addition to a passcode for sensitive actions.

Activated when the iPhone is away from familiar locations, Stolen Device Protection prevents unauthorized access, even if the passcode is compromised. Notably, attempts to alter Apple ID passwords or remove FaceID face a mandatory one-hour delay, acting as a deterrent.

Developed in response to security concerns highlighted by The Wall Street Journal, Apple aims to counter evolving threats and protect user privacy. Currently available to beta testers, the feature will roll out to all iPhone users with the public release of iOS 17.3, marking a significant step in fortifying iPhone security and ensuring user data remains safeguarded.

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