Arrest Warrant Issued for Von Miller in Alleged Assault on Pregnant Person

Dallas, TX – December 1, 2023


Buffalo Bills linebacker Von Miller finds himself in legal trouble as an arrest warrant has been issued for his alleged assault on a pregnant individual. The incident unfolded during a “major disturbance” at a Dallas residence on Wednesday, as reported by the Dallas Police Department.

According to the NFL, a preliminary investigation revealed that Miller, 34, engaged in a verbal argument with the victim, who is pregnant. The situation escalated, leading to Miller allegedly assaulting the victim before swiftly leaving the scene before law enforcement arrived.

The victim, treated for minor injuries, prompted the issuance of an arrest warrant in connection with the assault.

In response to the incident, the Buffalo Bills released a statement on Thursday, acknowledging the situation and expressing their commitment to gathering more information before making further comments.

“We are aware of the matter and have been in contact with the club,” stated the NFL in its official response. However, the league refrained from providing additional comments at this time.

Von Miller, a prominent figure in the NFL, was selected as the “second overall pick” by the Denver Broncos during the “2011 NFL draft.” With a distinguished career, he has earned recognition as an “eight-time Pro Bowl pick” and a “three-time first-team All-Pro selection.” Miller, known for his standout performances at Texas A&M, has been part of two Super Bowl-winning teams and earned the MVP title in the 2015 game with the Broncos. He secured his second championship in 2021 as a member of the Los Angeles Rams.

Before his trade, Miller held the franchise record for career sacks with an impressive 110.5 during his tenure with the Denver Broncos. The unfolding legal situation adds a significant layer of complexity to Miller’s otherwise celebrated career, leaving fans and the NFL community awaiting further developments.

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