August 28 bank holiday supermarket opening times for Tesco, Asda, Aldi, Morrisons and more

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August 28 bank holiday, upermarket opening times

Navigating supermarket opening times during bank holiday Mondays can be a task, as adjustments are often made to accommodate the holiday schedule. With various stores having differing operating hours, it’s essential to stay informed about when your preferred supermarket will be open. Whether you’re planning a last-minute grocery run or simply want to know if your local store is operating, this guide provides a breakdown of the bank holiday opening hours for major UK supermarkets.

Bank Holidays in the UK: A Quick Overview

As the summer season transitions into autumn, bank holidays become a noteworthy topic for many in the UK. These designated days off provide an opportunity for hardworking individuals to take a break and unwind. While the summer holidays have just concluded, Brits are eager to know when the next opportunity for respite will arise. A variety of bank holidays are available based on the region:

  • For England and Wales, the remaining bank holidays in 2023 include “Christmas Day on December 25 and Boxing Day on December 26.”
  • Scotland is in store for three bank holidays: St. Andrew’s Day on November 30, followed by Christmas Day and Boxing Day.
  • Northern Ireland has two more bank holidays to anticipate, both on December 25 and December 26.

As you plan your schedule for the upcoming year, it’s worth marking these dates on your calendar. In 2024, the anticipated bank holidays include “New Year’s Day on January 1, Good Friday on March 29, Easter Monday on April 1, Early May Bank Holiday on May 6, Spring Bank Holiday on May 27, Summer Bank Holiday on August 26, Christmas Day on December 25, and Boxing Day on December 26. It’s important to note that Scotland and Northern Ireland may have additional holidays such as the Battle of the Boyne and St. Andrew’s Day.”

Supermarket Opening Hours: Bank Holiday Monday

Bank holiday Mondays often bring a mix of leisure and errands. While enjoying the extended weekend, it’s crucial to know the opening hours of your local supermarkets. Major retailers like Tesco, Asda, Aldi, Sainsbury’s, and more typically adjust their operating hours on bank holidays. To avoid any surprises, here’s a breakdown of some popular supermarket opening times:

  • Tesco: The opening hours for Tesco branches vary, so it’s advisable to consult their store locator for precise information. Larger stores may open from 8 am to 6 pm or even extend until 8 pm, while Tesco Express stores usually maintain their usual hours.
  • Asda: While Asda stores will be open on bank holidays, the timings can differ across different locations. To stay informed, utilize their store locator before planning your visit.
  • Aldi: Aldi stores generally operate on reduced hours during bank holiday Mondays, with most branches open from 8 am to 8 pm. Keep in mind that opening times may vary based on location, so check your local store’s hours before heading out.
  • Morrisons: Morrisons stores open at the usual time on bank holiday Mondays but may close earlier, around 8 pm.
  • Sainsbury’s: Larger Sainsbury’s stores often open from 8 am to 8 pm during bank holidays. Local stores, however, stick to their regular hours of 7 am to 11 pm To confirm, consult the Sainsbury’s store locator on their official website.
  • Waitrose: Waitrose stores maintain their regular hours on bank holidays, generally opening from 8 am to 8 pm. Double-check your local branch’s timings via the store locator on the Waitrose website.
  • Lidl: In England and Wales, Lidl stores will open from 8 am to 8 pm on bank holiday Mondays, with some locations closing at 10 pm. In Scotland, stores will operate as usual.
  • Co-op: Co-op stores remain open throughout the bank holiday weekend, but opening hours can vary across the UK. Ensure you have accurate details by visiting the Co-op website.

As the day unfolds, these opening hours may shift, so it’s recommended to verify the details on the respective supermarket websites or store locators before setting out. Enjoy your bank holiday with the assurance that you’re well-prepared for any grocery needs during the adjusted hours. And for those eagerly awaiting the next bank holiday, December 25 and December 26 offer a festive opportunity to unwind and celebrate.

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