Biden Administration Implements New AI Safety Reporting Requirement for Companies

Washington D.C. – January 30, 2024

Biden Administration Implements New AI Safety Reporting

In a bid to bolster transparency and safety in the realm of artificial intelligence (AI), the Biden administration is enforcing a new requirement for major “AI developers.” Under an executive order signed three months ago, “AI companies” must now disclose safety test results to the U.S. government, as mandated by the “Defense Production Act.”

The 90-day goals outlined in the order aim to ensure rigorous safety assessments of AI systems before their public release. “White House special adviser on AI,” Ben Buchanan, emphasized the administration’s commitment to setting safety standards for AI and clarified that the government’s aim is not to disrupt the industry but to ensure effective regulatory management.

As part of the October executive order, the “National Institute of Standards and Technology” will develop “a uniform framework for assessing AI safety.” The “Commerce Department” is taking proactive measures, formulating a draft “rule for U.S. cloud companies providing servers to foreign AI developers.”

With a focus on economic and national security implications, the “federal government” is collaborating with international partners, including the “European Union,” to establish comprehensive rules for AI management. The administration’s efforts include risk assessments across “federal agencies” and increased recruitment of “AI experts” and “data scientists” to navigate the evolving landscape of AI technology.

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