Boston Mayor Faces Backlash over Exclusive Electeds of Color Holiday Party

Boston – December 14, 2023

Boston Mayor Faces Backlash over Exclusive Electeds

Boston’s Democratic Mayor, Michelle Wu, is facing criticism after invitations for a “holiday party” exclusively meant for “minority city councilors” were distributed. The city’s first “Asian American mayor, “Wu, became embroiled in controversy when an email sent by her aide, Denise DosSantos, invited all city councilors to the “Electeds of Color Holiday Party.” The issue arose when it became evident that the invitation was intended solely for the “city’s six councilors of color,” including an apology from DosSantos for the unintended inclusion of White councilors.

The controversy prompted responses from “Boston’s city council members.” Outgoing City Councilor “Frank Baker” criticized the exclusionary move as “unfortunate and divisive,” refraining from speculating on the mayor’s decision but expressing concern about further division. Black City Councilor “Brian Worrell” defended the invitation, emphasizing that the holiday party aimed to represent “all kinds of special groups” within the government of Boston.

In response to the controversy, five-term Boston City Councilor Michael McCormack expressed concern, noting that such exclusivity did not align with the typical practices of the mayor’s office. He remarked, “The problem is that Boston and race, unfortunately, are synonymous. I’m just hoping it was a mistake. It’s not something that anyone in the mayor’s office should be proud of.”

On Wednesday, Mayor Wu’s spokesperson, Ricardo Patron, defended the event, stating that the mayor had been specifically requested by the “Electeds of Color” group to host the “annual party.”

Patron stressed that this event was just one among many taking place during the holiday season. There are reports that Mayor Wu is preparing for a more extensive holiday gathering next week, extending invitations to all cabinet members, members of the legislature, and city councilors.

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