Brazil Could Reach Historic Low Deforestation Levels in 1-2 Years, Says Environmental Official

Brazil Could Reach Historic Low Deforestation Levels in 1-2 Years, Says Environmental Official

Sao Paulo – November 23, 2023

The head of Brazil’s environmental protection agency, Rodrigo Agostinho, announced on Thursday that the country is on track to achieve historically low levels of deforestation within the next one to two years. This positive outlook comes as Brazil intensifies its conservation efforts under the leadership of left-wing President “Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva.”

Since President “Lula” assumed office on January 1, deforestation has seen a notable decline, marking a significant departure from the policies of his far-right predecessor, JairBolsonaro, who had weakened environmental enforcement, resulting in a 15-year high in deforestation rates.

The official annual measurement for deforestation in Brazil’s Amazon, spanning the 12 months through July, revealed a reduction to 9,001 square kilometers (3,475 square miles) – the lowest level since 2018, a year before Bolsonaro took office. However, this figure remains nearly double the all-time low set in 2012, at 4,571 square kilometers.

Agostinho expressed the government’s commitment to further reducing deforestation, stating, “Who knows, in one or two years, we could hit the numbers from 2012, and we will work in the direction of zero deforestation.”

President Lula has pledged to completely end deforestation by 2030, underscoring his commitment to restoring Brazil’s environmental credentials. In a bid to showcase progress, Lula is set to attend the United Nations COP28 climate summit in Dubai later this month, where he plans to convey the message that Brazil is making substantial strides in meeting its environmental commitments.

“This reduction in the deforestation rate means that we will arrive at COP28 with our heads held high,” emphasized Agostinho.

The positive trajectory toward lower deforestation aligns with President Lula’s broader environmental agenda, positioning Brazil as a responsible global player in the fight against climate change. The country’s efforts will be closely watched on the international stage, as it seeks to demonstrate tangible progress in the pursuit of sustainability.

As Brazil looks forward to potential historic lows in deforestation, the developments underscore a shift in environmental policy and reflect the nation’s commitment to addressing pressing global challenges.

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