Brazil Sets Ambitious Agenda for G20 Presidency, Prioritizing Poverty Alleviation and Climate Action

Brazil Sets Ambitious Agenda for G20 Presidency, Prioritizing Poverty Alleviation and Climate Action

Brasilia – November 24, 2023

In a strategic move to address pressing global challenges, Brazil’s President “Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva” revealed the nation’s priorities for its upcoming presidency of the G20, emphasizing a commitment to combatting poverty, mitigating climate change, and advocating for global governance reform. The announcement was made during a meeting with cabinet ministers on November 23, setting the stage for Brazil’s assumption of the G20 presidency on December 1, succeeding India.

President Lula underscored the urgency of addressing issues that demand immediate attention and resolution. Key among Brazil’s focus areas will be the reduction of hunger and poverty, tackling the adverse impacts of climate change, and advocating for reforms in global governance structures.

The important discussions on these crucial matters will be centered on the G20 summit, slated to be held in Rio de Janeiro in November 2024. President Lula expressed optimism about leveraging the G20 platform to find comprehensive solutions to these challenges, stating, “I hope we can address the issues that we need to stop running away from and try to resolve.”

The Brazilian leader has been a vocal critic of what he perceives as global governance failures, particularly within institutions including the International Monetary Fund (IMF), the World Bank, and the United Nations. Lula has consistently advocated for an expansion of the permanent U.N. Security Council to better reflect the current geopolitical landscape.

Lula emphasized that the current functioning of institutions like the Bretton Woods institutions, the World Bank, and the IMF is untenable in the face of evolving global dynamics. “It is not possible for these institutions to continue operating as if nothing were happening in the world as if everything had been resolved,” he remarked, pointing out that lending money to countries without substantial change is insufficient.

The G20’s foreign ministers are slated to convene in Rio de Janeiro on February 21-22, followed by a gathering of finance ministers in Sao Paulo on February 28-29. These meetings will lay the groundwork for the broader discussions at the 2024 summit.

As Brazil assumes a leadership role in the G20, its ambitious agenda reflects a commitment to addressing complex global issues, offering a platform for collaboration among the world’s largest economies. With a focus on tangible outcomes, President Lula aims to drive meaningful change in policies related to poverty, climate, and governance on the international stage.

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