British Home Secretary Faces Backlash over Controversial Joke on Drink Spiking 

London, UK – December 24, 2023

British Home Secretary Faces Backlash over Controversial Joke

British Home Secretary James Cleverly is in trouble for making a not-so-funny joke about putting a date-rape drug in his wife’s drink. This happened at a party in Downing Street earlier this month, as per the Sunday Mirror newspaper.

Cleverly, who is a big-shot minister in Prime Minister Rishi Sunak’s government, reportedly told some ladies that adding a bit of “Rohypnol” to his wife’s drink wasn’t a big deal if done a little bit at a time. He even joked that the key to a long marriage was keeping your spouse “mildly sedated.”

On the same day, Cleverly promised to make stronger laws against the growing problem of drink spiking in the UK. But his comments caused a lot of problems, especially with women’s rights groups, who are now asking him to quit his job.

A spokesperson for Cleverly said he was just making a joke in private and apologized for any trouble it caused. Women’s rights groups like the Fawcett Society called his comments “sickening” and said he should resign.

Yvette Cooper, from the opposition Labour party, couldn’t believe what Cleverly said, calling drink spiking a serious crime and questioning if victims could trust him to handle it properly.

Women’s Aid, a group fighting domestic violence, said political leaders need to take these things seriously and not make light of what many women go through. Cleverly had to say sorry a few weeks ago for using bad language about another politician, making people wonder if he’s right for the job of Home Secretary.

This controversy adds to the ongoing discussions about the growing issue of drink spiking in the UK. Between May 2022 and April 2023, there were 6,732 reported cases in England and Wales, according to PA Media. People are now watching to see what happens next as Cleverly faces more questions about his ability to handle problems affecting women’s safety.

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