Broadcaster Jamie Crick has died at the age of 57

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Broadcaster Jamie Crick

Renowned broadcaster Jamie Crick has sadly passed away at the age of 57. The respected presenter of Jazz FM and Scala Radio, Jamie Crick, lost his battle with a brief illness.

Jamie’s vibrant career in radio commenced in 1988 at County Sound in Surrey, a station based in Guildford. He then spent several years at BBC Radio before embarking on a 20-year journey with Classic FM, where he solidified his mark.

His affiliation with Jazz FM began in 2014, when he carved out a role as a prominent host, initially helming the Breakfast slot and later making his mark on the Afternoon Drive show.

Beyond his contributions to Jazz FM, Jamie showcased his passion for radio on multiple platforms. He showcased his talents on Scala Radio through a weekend show and formerly graced the airwaves at LBC. Jamie played a vital role as a founder and Content Director at Encore Radio, a station dedicated to theater, and he was instrumental in establishing one of the UK’s pioneering digital radio services – Gaydar Radio, where he also served as Station Director.

His family took to social media to announce his untimely passing on a Tuesday morning, a loss deeply felt by his colleagues at Jazz FM and Scala Radio. The spokesperson for these stations expressed their heartfelt tribute to Jamie Crick: “Jamie Crick was a true radio professional, leaving an indelible mark on our radio stations. He was not only a respected colleague but a dear friend to many at Jazz FM, Scala Radio, and the broader Bauer Media community. His absence will be deeply felt by his colleagues, friends, and listeners alike.”

The spokesperson continued to affirm the station’s commitment to honor Jamie’s legacy by continuing to play the music he held dear every day. As the stations collectively process Jamie’s unexpected departure, they plan to pay a fitting tribute shortly.

In this difficult time, their deepest condolences are extended to his family and loved ones. Jamie Crick’s influence on the world of radio will be remembered and cherished by those he touched throughout his illustrious career.

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