Brooklyn Landlord Arrested for Allegedly Setting Fire to Apartment Over Unpaid Rent

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Brooklyn, NY – November 7, 2023

In a shocking incident, a Brooklyn landlord was taken into custody last Friday, approximately one month after being alleged to have ignited a residential building with occupants within, reportedly stemming from unresolved rent disputes. The “Fire Department of New York (FDNY)” officially announced the apprehension of Rafiqul Islam on November 3, shedding light on a troubling occurrence that transpired in South Brooklyn.

According to the FDNY’s official statement, Rafiqul Islam stands accused of setting an interior staircase on fire within an apartment building. This terrifying act of arson was allegedly sparked by Islam’s anger towards his second-floor tenants for not paying their rent and refusing to vacate the premises.

The FDNY reported, “Two adults and six children were home at the time of the fire and managed to escape unharmed.” Interviews with the fire victims revealed a distressing pattern of threats made by Mr. Islam. Allegedly, he had repeatedly threatened to disconnect their gas and electricity services and, in a chilling climax, warned of burning the entire house down if he did not receive his due rent.

The authorities investigating the incident have revealed that video footage from the day of the fire captures a “masked and hooded man” entering and exiting the building shortly before the first 911 call was made. In the course of a four-week investigation, marshals meticulously scoured the video footage to verify the suspect’s identity, ultimately managing to obtain an image of Rafiqul Islam with his hood and mask down.

As a result of the extensive investigation and the harrowing nature of the incident, Islam now faces a litany of charges. The FDNY disclosed that he has been charged with eight counts of attempted murder, assault, and arson. He will be prosecuted by the Brooklyn District Attorney’s Office, ensuring that justice is sought in this disturbing case.

Thankfully, despite the traumatic events, the occupants of the apartment managed to escape with minor injuries. They received prompt medical attention at a local hospital in Jamaica, NY, as reported by the FDNY.

This disturbing incident underscores the severity of rent-related disputes and the potential consequences they can have when they escalate. It also serves as a stark reminder of the importance of peaceful resolution and legal avenues in addressing such disputes, rather than resorting to violence and criminal acts.

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