Burglary Strikes Keanu Reeves’ Los Angeles Residence: Firearm and Jewelry Stolen

Los Angeles, CA – December 10, 2023

Burglary Strikes Keanu Reeves' Los Angeles Residence

In a troubling incident on Wednesday night, the Los Angeles home of renowned “John Wick” actor Keanu Reeves was targeted in a burglary, resulting in the theft of a firearm and valuable jewelry. Fortunately, Reeves was not present at the residence during the break-in, as confirmed by local law enforcement.

Police were alerted to the situation around 7 p.m. and swiftly responded to the 9000 block of Thrasher Avenue. Preliminary investigations revealed that the perpetrators gained entry through the backyard, breaking a rear window in the process. The homeowner’s absence at the time of the incident likely prevented any direct confrontation.

Subsequently, at approximately 1 a.m. on Thursday, an alarm was triggered at the property. However, responding officers found the location to be locked and secured, according to statements from the Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD).

According to TMZ, which cited law enforcement sources, surveillance footage captured individuals donning ski masks as they smashed a window to gain access to Reeves’ residence. As of now, no arrests have been reported, and the investigation into the burglary is ongoing.

This unfortunate event is not the first security breach at the actor’s residence. In 2014, two intruders were reported at the same property, adding a historical context to the challenges of maintaining security at the high-profile figure’s home.

The incident has garnered attention both locally and nationally, highlighting the vulnerability of even well-known personalities to property crimes. Authorities continue to work on leads and surveillance footage to identify and apprehend the individuals responsible for the burglary.

The public awaits further updates on the investigation as Keanu Reeves and law enforcement navigate the aftermath of this disconcerting break-in.

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