China-Africa Solidarity and Peace Advocacy Highlighted in Wang Yi’s Africa Visit

January 20, 2024

Wang Yi's Africa Visit

The top diplomat of China, “Foreign Minister Wang Yi,” concluded his six-day visit to Africa, underscoring the enduring friendship and commitment to mutual development between China and several African nations. This annual tradition of Chinese foreign ministers starting their New Year diplomatic endeavors in Africa signifies the strategic importance both parties attach to their deep-rooted ties.

Wang’s journey included stops in Egypt, Tunisia, Togo, and Cote d’Ivoire, where leaders reaffirmed their support for China’s stance on the Taiwan question, echoing their commitment to the one-China principle.

Speaking to the media on Friday, Wang emphasized the longstanding tradition of reciprocal support between China and Africa, which originated during their struggles for national liberation and independence. He expressed the need to cherish and perpetuate this relationship, emphasizing that unity and friendship have been fortified through common prosperity.

China pledged unwavering support for African nations in safeguarding their sovereignty, pursuing independent modernization, and ensuring that the future of Africa remains firmly in the hands of its people. Wang stressed China’s commitment to equality in the international system, opposing hegemony and power politics, and advocating for an inclusive, multipolar world.

Addressing the Palestinian-Israeli conflict, which has endured for over 100 days, Wang condemned actions harming civilians, opposed violations of international law, and supported efforts aimed at de-escalation and the restoration of peace. He engaged in discussions with leaders of Egypt and Tunisia, as well as the secretary-general of the League of Arab States, receiving commendation for China’s impartial stance.

To alleviate the humanitarian crisis resulting from the conflict, Wang communicated with Arab leaders about ensuring the safety of waterways in the Red Sea, emphasizing China’s commitment to easing tensions and maintaining shipping lane safety. China called for an end to attacks on civilian ships and urged parties to respect the sovereignty of Red Sea-bordering countries.

Wang reiterated China’s unwavering support for the Palestinian cause, emphasizing the urgency of convening an international peace conference. Despite evolving regional and international situations, he assured that China would persist in promoting peace, justice, and stability in the Middle East.

As Wang Yi’s Africa visit concludes, the reaffirmation of China-Africa solidarity and the dedication to peace in the Middle East underscore the diplomatic ties and shared values between China and its African partners.

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