Concern Grows for Nonverbal Man Missing in St. Mary’s County for a Month

St. Mary’s County, Maryland – November 29, 2023 

Nonverbal Man Missing in St. Mary's County for a Month

In a troubling case that has unfolded over the past month, Gil McDonald, a resident of Charles County, went missing in the Point Lookout area of St. Mary’s County, Maryland, on October 28. The situation is particularly distressing as McDonald is nonverbal and requires medication, raising concerns for his well-being.

McDonald’s fiancée, Shelli Wood, shared that he drove his car to Point Lookout National Park on that fateful day, where his vehicle became stuck in the sand. Wood, attempting to assist him, called a tow truck. However, during the interaction with the tow truck, McDonald mysteriously disappeared.

“It’s hard to have a loved one that’s missing and not knowing where they’re at. It’s the worst thing in the world,” expressed Wood, highlighting the emotional toll of the situation. She further revealed that McDonald became nonverbal after suffering a stroke, adding a layer of vulnerability to his situation.

Despite the “St. Mary’s County Sheriff’s Office” deploying search parties on four separate occasions, there has been no trace of McDonald. Alisa Casas, a spokesperson for the Sheriff’s Office, shared, “We’ve had patrol officers involved, we’ve had our K9 units involved, we’ve done drone searches, we’ve done water searches. At this point in time, no leads have been developed.”

Wood has been proactive in her efforts to locate McDonald’s, putting up flyers throughout the Point Lookout area and reaching out to all hospitals in St. Mary’s County. Unfortunately, none of the hospitals have reported any sightings of McDonald’s.

As the days pass, the uncertainty surrounding McDonald’s whereabouts deepens, with Wood expressing her anguish: “It’s been awful not knowing where he’s at, if he’s safe, has he had another stroke?” To complicate matters, Tuesday marks McDonald’s 56th birthday, adding an extra layer of concern for his family and friends.

Desperate for information, authorities are urging anyone with relevant details to contact them at 301-475-8008. The community’s assistance is crucial in bringing clarity to this mysterious and concerning disappearance, providing hope for the safe return of Gil McDonald to his loved ones.

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