Dakota Johnson’s 14-Hour Sleep Habit: Impressed or Jealous?

Los Angeles – December 13, 2023 

Dakota Johnson's 14-Hour Sleep Habit

In a recent interview with the “Wall Street Journal,” Hollywood actress Dakota Johnson, renowned for her role in “Fifty Shades of Grey,” unveiled an unconventional aspect of her lifestyle—she claims to sleep up to a staggering 14 hours per night. While the star attributes her well-being to this extended rest, health experts weigh in on whether such prolonged sleep is beneficial or potentially detrimental.

Johnson, 34, emphasized the paramount importance of sleep in her life, stating, “Sleep is my number one priority.” She disclosed that she lacks a fixed wake-up time, depending on her schedule, and is comfortable sleeping for as long as 14 hours if circumstances allow. The actress believes that anything less than 10 hours of sleep renders her non-functional.

Shelby Harris, a licensed clinical psychologist and author, shed light on the ideal sleep duration, indicating that the majority of individuals typically require seven to nine hours a night. However, she acknowledged the existence of outliers, some needing as little as six hours, while others may benefit from around 10 hours.

Beyond her distinctive sleep habits, Johnson delved into her broader self-care routine. Alongside her extended slumbers, she practices meditation twice daily, embracing transcendental meditation and recently incorporating breathwork to manage anxiety.

Intriguingly, Johnson shared her penchant for immersing herself in a bath at any time of day, finding solace in water as a grounding element. The actress explained, “If in the middle of the day, I’m like, ‘Oh God, what is this world?’ I’ll get in the bathtub.”

While Johnson’s sleep preferences raise eyebrows, she has been open about her mental health journey. Since 2017, the actress, who has been in a relationship with “Chris Martin,” has openly discussed her challenges with depression. During a recent event, she highlighted the role of humor in coping with mental health challenges, sharing an anecdote about how her partner’s observation of her wearing a Cats T-shirt helped lift her spirits during a low day.

Addressing her history of depression, Johnson acknowledged the lifelong tool of using comedy as a coping mechanism, stating, “Covering my pain or anxiety in comedy is a lifelong tool, and I don’t think it’s a bad thing. It works. It helps me because sometimes if I don’t laugh, I’ll cry.”

As Johnson’s revelations continue to capture public attention, discussions around the delicate balance between unconventional self-care practices and established norms in sleep hygiene and mental health gain traction. The actress’s candidness may contribute to a broader conversation about diverse approaches to well-being in the public eye.

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