David Letterman Makes Triumphant Return to ‘The Late Show’ After 8-Year Hiatus


New York City – November 21, 2023

Late-night icon David Letterman graced the stage of the Ed Sullivan Theater in New York on Monday, marking his first appearance on “The Late Show” since his retirement in 2015. Host Stephen Colbert warmly welcomed his predecessor, and the two engaged in a nostalgic and humorous exchange during the broadcast.

Letterman, sporting his trademark white beard, expressed his longing for the daily grind of hosting, reminiscing about the thrill of musical guests, and even the familiar Late Show chair. Before concluding his appearance, Letterman playfully requested a favor from Colbert—to briefly sit behind the desk he left behind in 2015. The moment, captured in a selfie reminiscent of one taken in 2014, added a touch of nostalgia to the evening.

“We do this because my son doesn’t believe I had a show,” Letterman quipped, highlighting the amusing reason behind the desk-sitting request.

The audience, roaring with applause, greeted Letterman enthusiastically. He humorously acknowledged the reception, stating, “This is the most enthusiastic audience I have been near since the night I announced that I was quitting.”

Reflecting on the eight years since his retirement, Letterman expressed how much he missed the work and the opportunity to redeem a subpar show the next day. “I miss everything, mostly it’s fun,” he remarked, emphasizing the joy of having a chance for a fresh start just 24 hours later.

The 76-year-old comedy legend also shared his longing for daily musical performances and the thrill of hosting new musical guests. Letterman extended his appreciation to The Late Show Band, emphasizing how much he missed the nightly musical experience.

Despite the humor, Letterman touched on more personal topics, revealing the boredom he and his wife experience now that their son is in college. He humorously pondered their limited options, joking about the similarity in paperwork between having another child and getting divorced.

Letterman, displaying his enduring comic touch, shared anecdotes about a peculiar encounter at a drug store and bantered with Colbert about the set’s appearance, playfully suggesting it resembled a cannabis-friendly space.

In a heartfelt moment, Letterman acknowledged fellow comedian Dana Carvey, whose son recently passed away. Although he didn’t explicitly mention the tragic incident, Letterman expressed his longstanding admiration for Carvey and the camaraderie they shared, especially given their shared experiences with heart surgery.

David Letterman, an icon of late-night television, hosted “Late Night” on NBC for over a decade and “The Late Show” on CBS for over 20 years. He continues to contribute to the entertainment industry with his long-form interview show, “My Next Guest Needs No Introduction,” on Netflix.

During his return to the Ed Sullivan Theater, Letterman commended Colbert for his commendable work in running CBS’ late-night show, acknowledging the challenges of the role and praising Colbert and his entire staff for making it appear effortless.

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