Derek Chauvin, Ex-Police Officer Found Guilty in George Floyd’s Death, Stabbed in Federal Prison

Derek Chauvin, Ex-Police Officer Found Guilty in George Floyd's Death, Stabbed in Federal Prison

Tucson, Arizona – November 25, 2023

In a surprising development, reports indicate that “Derek Chauvin,” the ex-Minneapolis police officer found guilty in the “George Floyd case,” was allegedly stabbed and suffered severe injuries in a federal prison on Friday. The New York Times and The Associated Press have reported the incident, which took place at the “Federal Correctional Institution in Tucson, Arizona,” as confirmed by the “Federal Bureau of Prisons.”

The tragic demise of Floyd in 2020 triggered worldwide demonstrations condemning police brutality and racism. This occurred when Chauvin, a white officer, pressed his knee on the neck of the restrained Black man for more than nine minutes, a horrifying incident documented in a cellphone video.

The Bureau of Prisons acknowledged that an unidentified inmate was assaulted at the medium-security prison but did not confirm whether Chauvin was the victim. Sources, speaking on the condition of anonymity, stated that Chauvin, 47, was attacked by another inmate.

Prison employees responded promptly to the incident at 12:30 p.m. MST (1930 GMT) and administered life-saving measures before transporting the injured individual to a hospital for treatment. The Bureau emphasized that no employees were harmed, and the public was never in danger during the episode.

Zach Graham, an attorney from Halberg Criminal Defense, the firm representing Chauvin during his trial, offered no comment on the reported stabbing. Greg Erickson, a member of Chauvin’s appellate team, also claimed to not know about the incident.

Chauvin is presently serving a federal sentence of 21 years for violating “Floyd’s civil rights,” along with a concurrent 22.5-year term for murder, as determined by his conviction in a Minnesota state court. The U.S. Supreme Court recently rejected Chauvin’s appeal of his state court murder conviction, filed after a “Minnesota appellate court” affirmed his 2021 murder conviction and dismissed his request for a new trial.

Chauvin had contended that jury bias and specific rulings by the presiding judge deprived him of a fair trial. The former officer was one of three involved in attempting to arrest Floyd in May 2020, suspecting him of using a counterfeit $20 bill to buy cigarettes. The other three officers in the arrest—Thomas Lane, J. Alexander Keung, and Tou Thao, —have also faced convictions on lesser state and federal charges.

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