Do you know how Sara Ali Khan is related to Dilip Kumar? Find out!

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Do you know how Sara Ali Khan is related to Dilip Kumar? Find out!

India – October 1, 2023

Dilip Kumar, often referred to as the “Tragedy King” of Bollywood, holds a special place in the history of Hindi cinema. While his legendary acting prowess is widely celebrated, there are many fascinating family connections and relationships that are lesser-known. Today, we delve into the intricate web of relationships involving Dilip Kumar, his family, and some prominent names in the Indian film industry.

Dilip Kumar’s Journey

Before becoming the iconic Dilip Kumar, Mohammed Yusuf Khan made his Bollywood debut in 1944 with the film “Jwar Bhata.” It’s interesting to note that his stage name, Dilip Kumar, was suggested by Devika Rani, one of the producers of “Jwar Bhata.” Over his illustrious career spanning five decades, Dilip Kumar delivered stellar performances in movies like “Jugnu,” “Noor Jehan,” “Andaz,” “Devdas,” “Mughal-e-Azam,” “Ganga Jamuna,” “Kranti,” and many more. He earned the title of the “Tragedy King” and holds the record for the most Filmfare wins. Dilip Kumar was honored with prestigious awards like Padma Bhushan, and Padma Vibhushan in India, and Nishan-e-Imtiaz in Pakistan. Sadly, he passed away on July 7, 2021, at the age of 98 due to advanced prostate cancer.

Dilip Kumar’s Siblings

Dilip Kumar hailed from a family of twelve siblings, including five brothers –“Nasir Khan, Aslam Khan, Ehsaan Khan, Noor Mohammed, and Ayub Sarwar, and six sisters – Akhtar Asif, Saeeda Khan, Fauzia Khan, Sakina Khan, Taj Khan, and Farida Khan.” His family background was grounded in simplicity, with his father, Lala Ghulam Sarwar Ali Khan, being a fruit merchant.

Saira Banu: Dilip Kumar’s Beloved Wife

Saira Banu, who embarked on her cinematic journey with “Junglee” alongside Shammi Kapoor in 1962, became a part of Dilip Kumar’s life. She was the daughter of actress Shaheen Banu and Mohammad Ehsaan. Saira Banu married Dilip Kumar when she was just 22, while he was 44. They shared a deep and enduring bond. In his autobiography, “Dilip Kumar: The Substance and the Shadow,” he disclosed that Saira became pregnant in 1972 but unfortunately experienced a miscarriage due to complications.

Nasir Khan: Dilip Kumar’s Younger Brother

Dilip Kumar’s younger brother, Nasir Khan, made his acting debut in 1945 with the film “Mazdoor.” He also appeared in a few films in Pakistan. Nasir Khan acted alongside Dilip Kumar in movies like “Gunga Jumna” and “Nagina.” His daughter, Naheed, is part of the film industry.

Begum Para: The Glamour Girl of Yesteryears

Begum Para, known as Zubeda-ul-Haq, was a renowned actress and considered the glamour girl of Bollywood in her time. Her debut film was “Chand” in 1944, and she appeared in several films, including “Sohni Mahiwal,” “Zanjeer,” “Neel Kamal,” and “Kar Bhala.” She made a remarkable comeback with Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s “Saawariya” in 2007.

Ayub Khan: A Versatile Television Actor

Begum Para’s son, Ayub Khan, is a well-known television actor recognized for his roles in popular shows like “Uttaran,” “Ek Hasina Thi,” and “Shakti — Astitva Ke Ehsaas Ki.” He also has an impressive filmography, including movies like “Dil Chahta Hai,” “Gangajal,” and “Apharan.” Ayub Khan was married to actress Niharika Bhasin.

Amrita Singh: The Granddaughter of Begum Para’s Sister

Amrita Singh, the accomplished actress known for her roles in “Betaab,” “Mard,” “Chameli Ki Shaadi,” and many more, is the granddaughter of “Zarina Sultana,” the sister of “Begum Para.” Interestingly, this connection makes “Sara Ali Khan and Ibrahim Ali Khan” the great-grandchildren of Zarina Sultana and, consequently, related to Dilip Kumar’s family through Begum Para and Nasir Khan.

K Asif: The Filmmaker Linked to Dilip Kumar’s Family

Dilip Kumar’s sister, Akhtar Asif, married filmmaker K Asif, renowned for the masterpiece “Mughal-e-Azam.” Before Akhtar, K Asif had three marriages, including actresses Sitara Devi and Nigar Sultana.

Saeeda Khan: Dilip Kumar’s Sister

Dilip Kumar’s sister, Saeeda Khan, was married to the late actor Mehboob Khan’s son, Iqbal Khan. Saeeda Khan’s passing in 2023 marked a sad moment, and she is survived by her children Ilham and Saqib, both active in the Hindi film industry. Ilham is a writer, while Saqib is a film producer.

Naseem Banu: Saira Banu’s Mother

Saira Banu’s mother, Naseem Banu, was a prolific actress of her era. She made her debut with “Khoon Ka Khoon” in 1935 and appeared in several films, including “Talaq,” “Pukar,” and “Sheesh Mahal.” Naseem Banu was married to her childhood friend, Mohammad Ehsan, and had two children – Saira Banu and Sultan Ahmed.

Shaheen Banu: Actress and Family Connection

Sultan Ahmed’s daughter and Saira Banu’s niece, Shaheen Banu, is also an actress known for her roles in films like “Maha Sangram” and “Ayee Milan Ki Raat.” She married actor-producer Sumeet Saigal.

Sayyeshaa Saigal: The Promising Actress

Sayyeshaa Saigal is predominantly active in the South Indian film industry and initiated her acting career with her first appearance in the Telugu movie “Akhil” back in 2015. She ventured into Hindi cinema with her debut in Ajay Devgn’s “Shivaay” in the year 2016. Some of her notable films include “Vanamagan,” “Kaappaan,” and “Yuvarathnaa.” She married Tamil actor Arya, and the couple welcomed their daughter, Ariana, in 2021.

While Dilip Kumar’s name resonates with excellence in acting, his extended family tree reveals a rich tapestry of relationships that span generations in the Indian film industry. Though many of them have chosen different paths within the industry, the legacy of Dilip Kumar continues to connect them in unique ways.

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