Election Day Unfolds in El Salvador Amid Predictions of President Bukele’s Victory

El Salvador – February 4, 2024 

El Salvador Amid Predictions of President Bukele's Victory

President NayibBukele has secured a second term in El Salvador following elections held on February 4, 2024. Bukele, known for his tough stance against criminal gangs, faced minimal opposition and maintained a favorable rating above 70%. 

While his anti-gang measures contributed to a significant drop in violence, concerns persist over human rights violations and the erosion of democratic principles.

The election has become a referendum on the trade-off between security and civil liberties, as Bukele’s methods, including mass arrests and the world’s highest incarceration rate, have triggered criticism. 

The president’s ability to pursue a second term, achieved by reshaping the judiciary in 2021, underscores the strategic maneuvers that have reshaped El Salvador’s political landscape. The repercussions of what is being called the “Bukele method” are expected to resonate beyond the nation’s borders, influencing regional security policies.

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