Elon Musk Issues Warning on Italy’s Low Birth Rate and Its Implications for Investments

Rome – December 17, 2023

Elon Musk Issues Warning on Italy's Low Birth Rate

Elon Musk, CEO of X, formerly known as Twitter, delivered a notable address at the Atreju political festival in Rome, organized by Italian Prime Minister “Giorgia Meloni’s far-right Brothers of Italy party.” Musk’s appearance at the festival included a call for Italians to boost their birth rate, coupled with warnings that the country’s low fertility rate could negatively affect investment opportunities.

Addressing concerns about advertisers leaving X due to extreme posts, Musk reassured the audience, stating, “I think X will be fine, and we are actually already seeing advertisers return to X.” He attributed the initial exodus to a “short-term issue” and dismissed fears that it could “kill the company,” expressing confidence in the platform’s recovery.

In a more optimistic tone than previous statements, Musk attributed the departure of some advertisers to a “woke mind virus,” using the term “woke” to criticize those perceived as overly socially aware. He criticized identity politics as “divisive,” “anti-meritocratic,” and “just no fun,” garnering applause from the audience, which included Prime Minister Meloni, known for her opposition to “woke ideology.”

The CEO expressed support for legal migration but emphasized the need for controls to assess individuals’ honesty and willingness to work hard. While advocating for increased legal immigration, Musk cautioned against illegal immigration, stating, “Let’s increase legal immigration, but we should stop illegal immigration.”

Highlighting Italy’s low fertility rate, a topic often raised by Meloni, Musk underscored the potential risks for companies considering investments in the country. Responding to a direct question about Italy’s investment viability, he expressed concern about the low birth rate, posing the question, “If a company is to invest in Italy, will there be enough people to work there?”

Despite the interviewer suggesting the issue might manifest in 50 years, Musk contended that the impact could be felt “even sooner than that.” He concluded, “I agree it’s a good place to invest and a wonderful country — please make more Italians, is what I’m saying.”

Elon Musk’s remarks add a unique perspective to the intersection of demographic challenges and economic considerations, sparking discussions on the relationship between population growth and investment attractiveness in Italy.

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