Fast-Moving Brush Fire Sweeps Through Cabazon, Firefighters Engage in Intense Battle

Cabazon, CA – December 9, 2023 

Fast-Moving Brush Fire Sweeps Through Cabazon

In a swift and challenging operation, firefighters are currently grappling with a fast-moving brush fire that has already consumed a significant 50 acres. The incident was first reported at 9:20 a.m. on Saturday in the 51000 block of Ida Avenue, prompting an immediate response from the Riverside County Fire Department.

The fire, fueled by winds ranging from 5 to 10 mph, posed a dangerous rate of spread, creating a heightened level of urgency for the firefighting crews on the scene. Maggie Cline De La Rosa, spokesperson for the Riverside County Fire Department, provided updates, stating that as of 10:40 a.m., the fire had expanded to cover 50 acres with 0% containment. The dangerous rate of spread persisted, particularly fueled by light materials in the vicinity.

The exact cause of the fire remains unclear, adding a layer of complexity to the ongoing firefighting efforts. Emergency responders are diligently working to contain the blaze and safeguard the community, with updates expected as the situation unfolds.

Local residents are urged to stay informed about evacuation notices and road closures, prioritizing their safety in the face of this fast-evolving brush fire in Cabazon. The collaboration between firefighting teams and community members becomes paramount during such incidents to ensure a swift and effective response to the evolving situation.

As the Riverside County Fire Department remains actively engaged in combating the blaze, the community’s vigilance and adherence to safety directives will play a crucial role in navigating through this challenging event. 

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