Cross-Border Terrorism: FBI Investigates Vehicle Explosion at Rainbow Bridge Connecting U.S. and Canada

FBI Probes Vehicle Explosion at US-Canada Bridge Near Niagara Falls in Suspected Terrorist Attack

Washington, D.C. – November 22, 2023

The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) is actively investigating a vehicle explosion at the Rainbow Bridge border crossing connecting the United States and Canada near Niagara Falls. The incident, suspected to be a deliberate terrorist attack, has left two individuals in the vehicle dead, while a border patrol official sustained injuries, according to information from unnamed sources reported by Fox News on Wednesday.

The Buffalo Field Office of the FBI released a statement acknowledging the ongoing investigation into the vehicle explosion at the bridge. As a result of the incident, all four international border crossings in Western New York were temporarily closed on Wednesday, as reported by local media. Reuters, however, could not immediately confirm this development.

New York state authorities are closely monitoring the situation on the bridge, with state agencies actively present at the scene, according to a post by Governor Kathy Hochul on Wednesday. Concurrently, law enforcement teams in Canada, led by Ontario Premier Doug Ford, are actively engaged in assessing the evolving situation.

Border agency officials in the United States have yet to provide an official comment, while their Canadian counterparts have not responded to immediate requests for clarification. Additionally, representatives for the U.S. State Department have not responded to inquiries regarding the reported closures at the border crossings.

The incident raises concerns about the security and safety of international border crossings, prompting heightened scrutiny from both U.S. and Canadian authorities. As investigations unfold, the repercussions of this suspected terrorist attack may have significant implications for border security measures and cooperation between the two nations.

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