Fiery Crash on North Carolina Freeway: Single-Engine Plane Bursts into Flames

Asheville, North Carolina – December 16, 2023

On Thursday night, a “single-engine Diamond DA-40 plane” carrying two passengers crash-landed onto Interstate 26 near Asheville Regional Airport, resulting in a fiery wreck that prompted swift action from first responders.

The “Federal Aviation Administration (FAA)” confirmed the crash in a statement, detailing the dramatic turn of events. The condition of the passengers remains unknown, but a dispatch call from Buncombe County Fire Department revealed that both occupants managed to exit the plane.

According to audio obtained from the Live ATC website and published by WRAL, the pilot issued a distress call to Asheville Regional Airport just moments before the crash occurred. The airport, acknowledging the distress call, reported that the small plane sought possible assistance at 8:10 p.m. on Thursday. Unfortunately, the aircraft did not reach the airfield and was compelled to make an emergency landing on Interstate 26, north of the airport.

Dramatic footage captured by witnesses showed the light aircraft engulfed in flames, with thick plumes of smoke billowing into the night sky. An explosion was audible as a passing driver recorded the scene on the opposite side of the freeway.

Firefighters swiftly moved to extinguish the flames, battling the intensity of the fire caused by the crash. The video footage underscored the severity of the incident, leaving onlookers and emergency responders on edge.

In the aftermath, the “North Carolina Department of Transportation” announced that Interstate 26 is expected to remain closed between “Airport Road” and “Long Shoals Road” until at least 11 a.m. on Friday. This closure is necessary to facilitate the repair of power lines affected by the crash, emphasizing the extensive impact of the incident on local infrastructure.

The events surrounding the crash are under investigation by relevant authorities, and updates on the passengers’ conditions are eagerly awaited. The incident serves as a stark reminder of the unpredictable nature of air travel, prompting heightened awareness and safety measures within the aviation community.

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