Florida’s DeSantis Calls Debate with Newsom ‘An Important Choice for the Country’

Florida's DeSantis Calls Debate with Newsom 'An Important Choice for the Country'

TAMPA, Florida – October 6, 2023

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, known for his unwavering stance on law enforcement and conservative principles, took a moment during a campaign event in Tampa Bay to discuss his upcoming debate with California Governor Gavin Newsom. DeSantis described the debate as a crucial choice for the future of the nation, highlighting the ideological divide between California and Florida.

“I think about the future,” Governor DeSantis said, addressing his supporters. “California really represents the petri dish for leftism in America. What Biden and his crew are doing are about three or four years behind where California is. And, so, that represents the future.”

DeSantis expressed his concern that if leaders like Biden or Newsom were to take the White House in 2024, it would “accelerate America’s decline,” a scenario he vehemently opposes. In contrast, he views Florida as a model that can reverse America’s decline and ignite a new era of freedom and prosperity.

“This is an important debate,” he emphasized. “It’s an important choice for the country to be able to have.”

DeSantis clarified that the debate isn’t just about “Florida vs. California.” He argued that this debate had already been settled as people were leaving California in favor of Florida, citing the increasing number of California license plates in his state.

“Turns out most of these folks were so fed up with what was going on out there that they picked up their lives, their businesses, their families, and they moved across the entire continental United States,” he explained.

DeSantis also criticized California and other states for what he called “COVID authoritarianism” and recounted how people visiting Florida were amazed at the freedom and normalcy they experienced.

When discussing taxes, he highlighted California’s high state income tax and the appeal of Florida’s lack of state income tax. DeSantis noted that Florida relies on sales tax, which is significantly lower than California’s, making it an attractive destination for those seeking financial relief.

The Governor used California as an example of what happens when “law and order” is not a priority, contrasting it with Florida’s commitment to safety. He mentioned that people flocked to Florida because they knew it was a safe place to raise their families, while cities like Chicago, Los Angeles, and New York City faced public safety challenges due to a lack of support for law enforcement.

DeSantis reminisced about his positive experiences in Southern California during his time with the Navy but lamented the changes he witnessed during recent visits, including boarded-up businesses and rampant street problems in San Francisco.

In conclusion, Governor DeSantis urged the country to adopt Florida’s approach to law and order, emphasizing the need for public safety in these uncertain times. Meanwhile, California’s Democratic governor, Gavin Newsom, has repeatedly ruled out a presidential run. The much-anticipated 90-minute debate between the two governors is scheduled for November 30 at an as-yet-undisclosed location in Georgia and will be broadcast nationally.

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