Former Walgreens Manager Files Lawsuit Alleging Wrongful Termination After Calling Police on Suspected Shoplifter

Los Angeles, CA – January 8, 2024

Former Walgreens Manager Files Lawsuit Alleging Wrongful Termination

Marisela Ramos, a former shift manager at a Walgreens store in Huntington Park, has initiated a lawsuit against the pharmacy chain, asserting that her termination in 2023 was unjust after she contacted the police about a suspected shoplifter who later threatened legal action.

The legal action, filed on January 5 in Los Angeles Superior Court, alleges wrongful termination, retaliation, and a failure to ensure a safe working environment. Ms. Ramos is seeking unspecified compensatory and punitive damages as a result of the incident that unfolded last July when she reported a potential shoplifter.

Despite the subsequent arrest of the suspect, Ms. Ramos faced termination in September 2023, allegedly due to involving the police in the shoplifting incident.

In the aftermath of the reported shoplifting incident, trouble unfolded for Ms. Ramos when she was informed that the individual she reported was contemplating legal action against Walgreens. Despite her safety concerns and adherence to police instructions during the incident, Ms. Ramos was terminated by her supervisor in September 2023. The lawsuit emphasizes the adverse impact on Ms. Ramos, detailing financial losses and emotional distress stemming from her termination. Walgreens has not issued a response to the allegations raised in the lawsuit, and the case is set to proceed in Los Angeles Superior Court, where Ms. Ramos seeks redress for what she claims to be wrongful termination, retaliation, and unsafe working conditions during her tenure at the Huntington Park store.

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