Former WWE Wrestler Tamara ‘Sunny’ Sytch Receives 17-Year Sentence for Fatal DUI Crash

Daytona Beach, Florida – November 29, 2023

Former WWE Wrestler Tamara 'Sunny' Sytch

In a tragic turn of events, former WWE wrestler Tamara Sytch, known by her ring name “Sunny,” has been sentenced to over 17 years in prison for her involvement in a fatal DUI-related car crash in March 2022. The crash resulted in the death of “75-year-old Julian LaFrancisLasseter” in Volusia County, Florida.

Sytch, driving with a suspended license at the time of the accident, caused a chain-reaction crash that claimed the life of Lasseter. The incident also left four other individuals with injuries, though they did not require immediate hospitalization, as detailed in a charging affidavit.

During the sentencing, Judge Karen Foxman stated that Sytch was found guilty of driving under the influence, leading to the collision with Lasseter’s vehicle, according to reports.

Sytch’s blood alcohol level was shockingly recorded at .280, more than three times the legal limit, as per the charging affidavit. Authorities revealed the discovery of an unsealed bottle of vodka in her car following the crash, underscoring the severity of her intoxication. Compounding the situation, it was disclosed that Sytch’s license was already suspended due to a previous DUI-related offense in Pennsylvania.

The sentencing marks a grim chapter in the life of the former WWE star, once known for her contributions to professional wrestling. The legal proceedings and subsequent incarceration underscore the serious consequences of her actions on that fateful day in March 2022.

As the wrestling community reacts to this tragic news, the legal repercussions serve as a poignant reminder of the importance of responsible behavior, especially when behind the wheel. The 17-year sentence serves as a stern warning about the severe penalties that can follow reckless actions leading to loss of life on the road.

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