George Santos Case: Attorney Reveals New York Accumulates 1.3 Million Pieces of Evidence

Central Islip, N.Y. – December 13, 2023


Former Representative George Santos found himself back in the spotlight on Tuesday morning as he attended a court status conference in Central Islip. The appearance is part of negotiations for a potential plea deal related to the multiple fraud charges he currently faces. Despite the gravity of the situation, Santos seemed to be in good spirits, sharing smiles and laughter with his attorney upon arrival. Notably, he sported Ferragamo sneakers, a luxury item with a price tag typically hovering around $1,000.

Exiting the Central Islip court after the proceedings, Santos faces nearly two dozen charges, including wire fraud, identity theft, campaign finance violations, and other offenses outlined in federal indictments from earlier this year. His expulsion from Congress on December 1 marked a significant development in his legal troubles, with a trial set to commence in September.

During the status conference, prosecutors informed the judge that negotiations are ongoing, and no formal plea deal has been presented thus far. Santos’s attorney argued against advancing the trial date, citing the staggering volume of evidence—1.3 million pieces—that the state has provided for review.

Santos is scheduled to return to court on January 23, continuing to navigate the complex legal terrain. In an interview with CBS New York’s Marcia Kramer on “The Point” following his expulsion from Congress, Santos expressed remorse, acknowledging “plenty” of regrets and a “long road of redemption ahead.” Surprisingly candid, he stated that he did not anticipate his congressional colleagues having the “chutzpah” to expel him before his day in court.

Admitting that a former campaign staffer crafted his resume and campaign bio, Santos revealed an unexpected source of income, noting that he now earns more from the online platform Cameo than he did as a member of Congress. The twists and turns in Santos’s legal saga continue to captivate public attention, setting the stage for a courtroom showdown in the coming months.

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