Georgia Woman Accidentally Charged Over $7,000 for Subway Sandwich Due to App Mishap


College Park, Georgia – November 21, 2023

What was meant to be a routine lunch purchase turned into a financial ordeal for Vera Conner, a resident of College Park, Georgia, after she was unexpectedly charged a staggering $7,112.98 for her favorite Italian Sub at the local Subway.

On October 23, Conner ordered her usual No. 4 Italian Sub, anticipating the typical cost of $7.54. However, to her disbelief, her receipt showed an additional charge of $7,105.44 labeled as a tip. “When I looked at my receipt, I was like, oh my God!” Conner exclaimed in an interview with NBC News. “I thought this number looked familiar — it was the last six numbers of my phone number. Who would leave a tip like that?”

Conner explained that the mishap occurred when inputting her phone number for Subway loyalty points, with the system mistakenly converting it into an astronomical tip. Unfortunately, she only noticed the error a month later when reviewing her receipts, initiating a challenging process to rectify the situation with her Bank of America credit card.

Expecting a quick resolution, Conner was surprised when the bank denied her charge dispute without specifying the reason. Concerned about the substantial amount, she took matters into her own hands, reaching out to Subway, and her bank, and even visiting the local store in person. The Subway manager advised her that the bank needed to process the chargeback.

However, Bank of America insisted that Conner still owed $7.54 for the sandwich, leading to a second submission of the claim, this time solely disputing the exorbitant tip. After a month-long struggle, Conner finally received a “temporary credit” for the erroneous charge on Monday.

Reflecting on the incident, Conner expressed relief that the situation is resolved but voiced frustration over the bank’s handling of the matter. “You hear all the time that you should use your credit card instead of your debit card so that these things don’t happen,” she said. “I’m even getting mad at the bank because I’m like, how did they not think $7,000 was suspicious at Subway?”

Conner concluded that, despite the resolution, she’s now wary of reward apps, deeming them not worth the trouble. The bizarre incident serves as a cautionary tale about the unexpected pitfalls that can arise from simple transactions in the digital age.

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