Ghostwriter Returns with AI-Generated Travis Scott Track

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Ghostwriter Returns with AI-Generated Travis Scott Track

In a remarkable turn of events, the mysterious artist known as Ghostwriter has made a comeback, revealing an AI-generated track featuring the distinctive voices of rap heavyweights Travis Scott and 21 Savage. This track, titled “Whiplash,” not only serves as a testament to the capabilities of artificial intelligence but also raises intriguing questions about the future of music and creative collaboration.

Ghostwriter first grabbed headlines earlier this year with the audacious release of “Heart on My Sleeve.” This track employed AI voice effects to replicate the voices of pop icons Drake and The Weeknd. However, due to legal concerns, the controversial track was swiftly removed from official streaming services. Nonetheless, it gained significant notoriety on social media, amassing millions of listens and sparking a wave of experimental musical compositions.

While Ghostwriter remained out of the public eye, behind the scenes, the project was engaged in discussions with key figures in the music industry. The team behind Ghostwriter held meetings with record labels, tech leaders, music platforms, and artists to explore how AI could be harnessed to enhance musical creativity and innovation. This summer, Ghostwriter participated in a virtual round-table discussion organized by the Recording Academy, signaling the growing interest in the role of AI in music.

Harvey Mason Jr., CEO of the Recording Academy, expressed his fascination with “Heart on My Sleeve” and directly reached out to Ghostwriter through social media. Astonishingly, the Ghostwriter attended the meeting in character, maintaining their mystique with a distorted voice.

With the release of “Whiplash,” Ghostwriter sends a clear message to the industry: AI is a permanent fixture in music. The track, shared on platforms like TikTok and X (formerly Twitter), extends an invitation to Travis Scott and 21 Savage to collaborate officially on its release. Ghostwriter even proposes labeling the song as AI-generated and directing royalties to the artists, showcasing AI’s potential to streamline creative processes.

Representatives for Travis Scott and 21 Savage have not yet commented on the proposal.

It’s crucial to understand that, similar to “Heart on My Sleeve,” “Whiplash” is an original composition created and recorded by humans. AI components are employed to mimic the voices and styles of established stars.

But the intrigue doesn’t end there. Ghostwriter has submitted “Heart on My Sleeve” for Grammy consideration in two categories: Best Rap Song and Song of the Year, recognizing the song’s writers. The Recording Academy will assess whether the song meets the requirement of “general distribution” for Grammy consideration.

Ghostwriter’s mission extends beyond making headlines. The project aims to raise awareness about the creative and business potential of AI voice filters, likening it to the early days of hip-hop sampling or the emergence of user-generated content on YouTube. The possibilities include fans performing karaoke in their favorite artist’s voice, at-home creators producing original music inspired by their idols, and posthumous releases from artists’ estates using AI filters.

With the guidance of industry experts and organizations like the Recording Academy, Ghostwriter seeks to establish a platform that empowers artists to license their voices while maintaining control and receiving fair compensation.

In a closing statement, Mason emphasized the inevitability of AI’s role in the music industry, stating, “We can’t pretend to turn our back on it and try to ban it.” He underscored the importance of protecting the creative community as AI continues to shape the future of music.

As Ghostwriter blurs the lines between human creativity and artificial intelligence, the music world eagerly awaits to witness how this technological revolution will transform the industry.

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