Giuliani’s Drinking, Long a Fraught Subject, Has Trump Prosecutors’ Attention

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Giuliani’s Drinking, Long a Fraught Subject,

New York– October 4, 2023

Rudolph W. Giuliani, the former mayor of “New York City” and one-time personal attorney to Donald J. Trump, has long been the subject of rumors and whispers concerning his drinking habits. Now, these concerns have taken center stage in one of the federal cases against the former President. Giuliani’s relationship with alcohol has been a cause for worry among friends and associates for over a decade, and as he rose to prominence during Trump’s presidency, it became increasingly difficult to conceal his struggles.

Giuliani was a regular fixture at the Grand Havana Room, a Midtown cigar club where he was treated like a king. However, in recent years, those close to him began to notice a worsening issue with alcohol consumption. Some nights, when Giuliani had overindulged, an associate would discreetly signal others to keep their distance. At gatherings, even in his own apartment, Giuliani’s conspicuous intoxication often surprised those around him.

While it’s important to note that his drinking issues don’t excuse his legal troubles, Giuliani’s alcohol use has become a glaring indication that something was amiss with Trump’s most impulsive ally well before the 2020 election.

Now, Giuliani’s drinking habits have become a point of interest for prosecutors in the federal election case against Donald Trump. They are examining whether Giuliani’s alcohol consumption impacted Trump’s decisions and actions during his presidency. This investigation has turned what was once a whispered-about issue into a crucial aspect of an unprecedented legal case.

Prosecutors have questioned witnesses about Giuliani’s drinking habits during his time advising Trump, including on election night. They have also inquired about Trump’s level of awareness regarding his attorney’s drinking as they worked together to challenge the election results.

These investigations could potentially undermine Trump’s defense strategy, which relies on an “advice-of-counsel” argument, suggesting that he was merely following professional advice from his lawyers. If it is revealed that Trump knowingly relied on Giuliani, who was compromised by alcohol, his defense may weaken.

While Giuliani’s drinking habits have been the subject of speculation, friends and associates are careful not to attribute his present legal and personal issues solely to alcohol. Giuliani is currently facing a racketeering charge in Georgia, defamation cases, accusations of sexual misconduct, and financial difficulties. His circle of friends has dwindled, and his law license has been suspended in New York.

Many believe that Giuliani’s drinking has amplified existing qualities, such as a penchant for conspiracy theories, impulsiveness, and a desire for attention. His once-influential life has taken a dramatic turn, leaving him grappling with his past and his present.

Giuliani’s relationship with alcohol has become a symbol of his descent from a prominent figure in American politics to a man facing numerous legal challenges and personal troubles. While he may still praise Trump and seek his support, the strain in their relationship is evident.

In conclusion, Rudolph Giuliani’s drinking habits have been a long-standing concern among his friends and associates. Now, these concerns are playing a role in one of the federal cases against former President Donald J. Trump. While Giuliani’s alcohol use doesn’t excuse his legal issues, it has become a focal point in an unprecedented legal case, potentially impacting Trump’s defense strategy. Giuliani’s story serves as a reminder of the complex and multifaceted nature of his life and career.

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