Greater Manchester Tornado Causes Property Damage – Insurance Coverage and Safety Tips

Manchester, UK – December 28, 2023

Greater Manchester

In the aftermath of the tornado that struck parts of Greater Manchester, the “Association of British Insurers (ABI)” seeks to reassure residents that standard property insurance policies cover damages caused by tornados and storms.

The ABI offers essential advice for those affected:

  1. Prioritize Safety
    1. Do not put yourself at risk by attempting to assess the damage during or immediately after the storm.
    1. Follow the guidance provided by local authorities and emergency services to ensure your safety and the safety of others in the affected areas.
  2. Contact Your Insurer
    1. Reach out to your insurance provider for assistance and support.
    1. Once it is safe to do so, your insurer will arrange for an inspection of the damage to begin the claims process.
  3. Temporary Accommodation
    1. If your home is deemed unsafe and uninhabitable, your home insurance can cover the costs of temporary emergency accommodation until you can return.
    1. Emergency payments may also be available to help you during this challenging time.
  4. Businesses and Commercial Policies
    1. Commercial policies typically cover storm damage for businesses.
    1. Some policies either included or as an add-on, may cover the expenses associated with securing alternative temporary trading premises while repairs are underway.
  5. Comprehensive Motor Insurance
    1. For those with comprehensive motor insurance, damages caused by the storm are covered.

Malcolm Tarling, spokesperson for the ABI, emphasizes the preparedness of insurers for adverse weather conditions, including tornado-force winds. He states, “When bad weather strikes, their priority is always to help and support their customers to recover as quickly as practical. Anyone affected should contact their insurer for advice.”

In the face of such natural disasters, individuals and businesses must be aware of their insurance coverage and take necessary precautions for personal safety. The ABI stands ready to assist and guide those affected by the recent tornado in “Greater Manchester,” providing the support needed for a swift recovery.

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