Gunman’s Employment Rejection Linked to Campus Shooting at UNLV

Las Vegas, NV – December 7, 2023

Campus Shooting at UNLV

In a harrowing incident on Wednesday at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas (UNLV), a gunman, identified as 67-year-old Anthony Polito, opened fire on the campus, resulting in three fatalities and one person sustaining injuries. Polito was subsequently shot dead by the police after a confrontation outside the university.

Law enforcement officials, briefed on the case, revealed that Polito had previously applied for a job at UNLV but was not hired. The specific motive behind the shooting remains unclear, as Polito did not recently pursue employment at the university.

The shooting unfolded on the fourth floor of Beam Hall and extended to multiple other floors before Las Vegas Police Sheriff Kevin McMahill confirmed the suspect’s neutralization. The identities of the victims have yet to be disclosed.

Polito, who maintained a personal website detailing various aspects of his life, including his professional journey and hobbies, described himself as a “semi-retired university professor.” His LinkedIn page showcased the positive feedback he received from students during his tenure at East Carolina University (ECU) in North Carolina, where he served as an assistant and later tenured associate professor.

While some students praised Polito’s teaching methods and real-world examples, others characterized his classes as “unorthodox” and “eccentric.” Despite mixed reviews, Polito left a lasting impression on those who admired his unconventional approach to education.

Polito, a Ph.D. holder from The Terry College of Business at The University of Georgia, also held an MBA from The Fuqua School of Business at Duke University. His academic journey included a double undergraduate major in mathematics and statistics from Radford University in Virginia.

His website provided insights into his extensive travels, having lived in various states, including New York, Iowa, Georgia, Nevada, North Carolina, Wyoming, and Virginia. Polito expressed a particular fondness for Las Vegas, documenting over two dozen trips to the city in the last fifteen years.

The tragic events unfolded as students gathered outside Beam Hall for recreational activities. Freshman Jose Lopez described the fear and chaos that ensued, while junior Connor Friedman recounted the surreal disbelief during the initial moments of the shooting.

University police swiftly responded to reports of an active shooter, engaging Polito in a shootout that resulted in his demise. UNLV President Keith. E. Whitfield expressed deep sorrow for the loss of lives and injuries, calling the incident “unfathomable.”

This event signifies a somber chapter in the university’s history, echoing uncomfortably with the 2017 “Las Vegas mass shooting,” the most lethal in recent U.S. history. In that tragic incident, 58 individuals died, and hundreds suffered injuries during a country music festival.

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