Heavy Snow Paralyses Parts Of Southern Germany: Over 700 Flights Canceled, Transport Services Disrupted

Munich, Germany – December 4, 2023

In a wintry turmoil, southern Germany experienced severe disruptions as heavy snowfall wreaked havoc on transportation services, causing chaos at Munich Airport and beyond. Published on Saturday, December 2, 2023, this unexpected weather event led to the cancellation of around 760 flights at Munich Airport, according to reports from CNN.

The impact of the snowfall extended beyond the airport, with Munich’s public transport company suspending buses, trams, and certain train services. Munich’s central train station was closed for arrivals, and long-distance services were entirely suspended, as confirmed by Germany’s national railway company Deutsche Bahn. Deutsche Bahn cautioned that rail traffic would be “impacted severely” until Monday.

Travelers at Munich’s main station faced significant disruptions, with numerous individuals reportedly stranded. Frustration and uncertainty prevailed among passengers, as one lamented, “I’ve been sitting here in this place since one o’clock in the morning,” and another expressed the collective sentiment, saying, “We just want to know if there’s still a chance of getting out of here.”

Munich police, responding to the challenging conditions, urged residents not to use their cars unless absolutely necessary. In some parts of southern Bavaria, residents were advised not to leave their homes at all, emphasizing the severity of the weather conditions.

The winter storm also impacted scheduled events, as a football match between Bayern Munich and Union Berlin, originally set for Saturday, was postponed. Bayern Munich stated that “safety risks and the traffic situation [made] cancellation unavoidable.”

Bavarian public broadcaster BayerischerRundfunk reported a record-breaking 44 centimeters of snow in Munich, marking the most substantial December snowfall in the Bavarian state capital since records began in 1933. As the region grapples with the aftermath of this historic snowfall, residents and authorities alike are working to restore normalcy and address the challenges posed by the wintry conditions.

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