Iconic TV Producer Marty Krofft, Visionary Behind HR Pufnstuf, Passes Away at 86

Iconic TV Producer Marty Krofft, Visionary Behind HOUR Pufnstuf, Passes Away at 86

Los Angeles, CA – November 27, 2023

Marty Krofft, the creative force behind beloved children’s television classics like HR Pufnstuf and The Bugaloos, has passed away at the age of 86 due to kidney failure, as confirmed by his publicist Harlan Boll on Saturday.

Renowned as the “King of Saturday Mornings,” Krofft’s legacy in the realm of children’s entertainment is unparalleled. His journey to fame began with The Banana Splits Adventure Hour, eventually leading to the establishment of Sid and Marty Pictures in 1969, a venture shared with his brother Sid Krofft.

The Krofft brothers became pioneers in producing vibrant, fantasy-themed children’s shows, leaving an indelible mark on the hearts of viewers. Their imaginative creations extended to iconic series like Lidsville, Land Of The Lost, and Sigmund and the Sea Monsters. Beyond the realm of Saturday mornings, the duo ventured into primetime, contributing to memorable shows such as the D.C. Follies series, the Donny and Marie Show, and The Brady Bunch Hour.

Marty Krofft’s contributions to the entertainment industry were acknowledged with numerous accolades, including a Lifetime Achievement Emmy Award bestowed upon the brothers in 2018. In 2020, they were further honored with a star on the prestigious Hollywood Walk of Fame, solidifying their enduring impact on the world of television.

As fans mourn the loss of a creative genius, Marty Krofft’s legacy lives on through the timeless and enchanting characters that continue to captivate audiences of all ages. His influence has shaped the landscape of children’s entertainment and will be fondly remembered by generations to come.

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