Idaho Father in Custody as Missing Baby and Deceased Pregnant Wife are Discovered

Victor, Idaho – December 4, 2023


A heart-wrenching incident evolved over the weekend as the lifeless body of 10-month-old Zeke Best was discovered, one day after an Amber Alert was issued for his disappearance. The tragic discovery comes in the wake of the untimely death of his pregnant mother, “Kali Jean Randall,” 38, inside their home in “Victor, Idaho.”

Jeremy Albert Best, Zeke’s father, is now in police custody in connection with the alleged homicide of his wife. Authorities had earlier identified best as an “armed and very dangerous” suspect in both the death of Randall and the kidnapping of his toddler.

The Bonneville County Sheriff’s Office launched an extensive 30-hour search for the missing infant after receiving a report of his abduction. Tragically, Zeke’s lifeless body was found on the side of a road on Saturday morning by a group of hunters who had called to report a man in a sleeping bag. The man was identified as Jeremy Albert Best.

“The caller stated the man was naked and making odd statements,” reported the sheriff’s office in a news release.

Jeremy Albert Best, 48, was promptly taken into custody on Saturday on a warrant related to his wife’s death. As of Monday morning, specific charges had not been announced, and the investigation remains ongoing.

Brian Randall, Kali Randall’s brother, expressed the family’s devastation in a statement to East Idaho News, acknowledging the unimaginable pain they are enduring. He shared, “Our Zeke is now at rest with his loving mama and unborn sibling. The pain we feel is unimaginable, and we thank everyone for their support. You will never know how you have lifted our family up during this time.”

As the investigation unfolds, questions surround the events leading up to the tragedy. Best and Kali Randall had married in September 2022, with Brian Randall describing his sister as a veterinarian technician turned artist specializing in handcrafted jewelry.

Law enforcement had encountered Jeremy Albert Best on Thursday when he walked naked into a general store in Swan Valley, Idaho. Following medical evaluation at the Eastern Idaho Regional Medical Center, he was released the same day, as his apparent medical and mental health needs were prioritized.

Tragically, hours later, an open 911 call led deputies to the residence of Best and Kali Randall, where she was found unresponsive and pronounced dead at the scene. An arrest warrant was swiftly issued for Best in Teton County in connection with his wife’s homicide.

The subsequent Amber Alert for Zeke initiated a search that ended in the heartbreaking discovery of the infant’s lifeless body on the side of the road.

Jeremy Albert Best is currently held at Bonneville County Jail, with an arraignment expected on Monday morning. The community grapples with the shock of losing two lives and an unborn child, as the investigation into this tragic incident continues.

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