International Investigation Reveals Former Canadian Chef Kenneth Law’s Alleged Role in Suicide Kit Sales: Faces 14 Counts of Murder

Toronto, Ontario – December 16, 2023

International Investigation Reveals Former Canadian Chef Kenneth Law's Alleged Role in Suicide Kit Sales

Former Canadian chef Kenneth Law, accused of peddling suicide kits online, is now facing a staggering 14 counts of murder in connection to suicides. This revelation comes as part of a sprawling international investigation into the distribution of lethal kits that has sent shockwaves through multiple countries.

The victims’ families, separated by an ocean but bound by shared anguish, include “David Parfett and David Ramirez.” Both fathers recount eerily similar tales of grief, as their talented and loving young adults fell victim to mental health challenges. Tom Parfett passed away in 2021 in England, while Noelle Ramirez succumbed to suicide in 2022 in Colorado.

For those grappling with suicidal thoughts, assistance is available by dialing 988 to connect with the Suicide and Crisis Lifeline, providing support 24/7 in multiple languages.

CBS News has reported that Kenneth Law, formerly a Canadian chef, is accused of deliberately targeting vulnerable individuals by selling suicide kits containing poisonous gas. The kits, which included masks and sodium nitrite, a potentially lethal substance if misused, were marketed online. While sodium nitrite is commonly used as a food additive, its misuse can have fatal consequences.

Law was apprehended by Canadian authorities in May, and the investigation into his activities involves collaboration between 11 police agencies in Ontario. The recent charges of 14 counts of murder add to the legal woes already facing Law. As per the BBC, he now confronts a total of 28 charges, encompassing 14 counts each of aiding and counseling suicide and second-degree murder. The victims in question range in age from 16 to 36 and are linked to Ontario.

Since 2020, Law is alleged to have sold around 1,200 of these lethal packages to individuals in 40 countries. The BBC reports that the “National Crime Agency (NCA)” in the United Kingdom is investigating after 272 packages were shipped, correlating with the deaths of 90 individuals. However, the NCA has yet to confirm if sodium nitrite was the direct cause of death in each case.

“This investigation will explore viable leads that help us identify evidence of crimes committed in the UK or against its citizens,” stated an NCA spokesperson to the BBC.

Beyond Canada, several other countries have initiated investigations into Law, prompted by Interpol’s notifications. Law’s defense attorney, Matthew Gourlay, informed the BBC that his client intends to plead not guilty, adding another layer of complexity to this deeply distressing case that transcends borders.

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