Iran Arrests 11 Suspects in Connection with Kerman Suicide Bombings

Kerman, Iran – January 6, 2024

Kerman Suicide Bombings

Iranian authorities have announced the arrest of 11 individuals linked to the deadly suicide bombings that rocked the central city of Kerman on Wednesday, resulting in the loss of dozens of lives. The country’s Intelligence Ministry disclosed this information through a statement published in state media.

According to the ministry, two suspects believed to have supported and supplied the alleged suicide bombers were apprehended on Thursday. Additionally, nine others suspected of being part of a network assisting the bombers were rounded up in six provinces. Iranian officials have attributed the attacks to individuals affiliated with Daesh, the Arabic acronym for the Islamic State, a claim corroborated by the terrorist organization itself in a social media post on Thursday.

The Intelligence Ministry emphasized its commitment to an ongoing operation to apprehend all individuals involved in supporting the perpetrators, ensuring justice is served comprehensively.

The twin explosions in Kerman occurred during a gathering commemorating the fourth anniversary of the death of “Maj. Gen. QasemSoleimani, a prominent commander in Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps was killed in a U.S. drone strike in 2020.” The Islamic Republic News Agency reported that the blasts claimed the lives of at least 89 people, with over 200 others sustaining injuries.

Authorities revealed that one of the suicide bombers was identified as a Tajik citizen, while the nationality of the other remains unconfirmed. During the investigation, officials discovered explosive vests, remote control devices, detonators, and various ammunition at the residence of the two bombers.

The tragic incident has heightened security concerns in the region, prompting Iranian authorities to intensify efforts to dismantle any network associated with terrorist activities. The nation remains resolute in addressing the aftermath of the bombings and ensuring the safety of its citizens.

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