Jeremy Renner Reflects On Remarkable Journey of Recovery Following Snowplough Accident

New York City – January 2, 2024

Jeremy Renner

Famous Avengers actor Jeremy Renner, widely known for his role as Hawkeye, shared insights into his recovery journey following a severe snowplough accident on January 1, 2023. Speaking during the New Year’s Eve Live broadcast of CNN, the 52-year-old actor opened up about the physical and emotional challenges he faced after breaking more than 30 bones and sustaining severe injuries in the incident.

Renner expressed gratitude for the support he received during his recovery, specifically acknowledging the impact the accident could have had on his family’s lives had he not survived. He highlighted the importance of his 10-year-old daughter and family in motivating him to fight through the challenging rehabilitation process.

“There was a lot for me to fight for, and recovery was just a one-way road in my mind,” shared Renner. “My recovery became a relief for me because I knew I could give relief to my family, my daughter, and all those that I really affected.”

The Avengers star found himself in critical condition with blunt chest trauma and orthopedic injuries after a Sno-Cat machine ran over him while attempting to assist his nephew in freeing his car from snow near his Lake Tahoe home. The actor’s attempt to stop the rolling machine resulted in severe injuries.

Renner credited his positive attitude as a crucial factor in his journey to recovery. “I’d never thought about my own physical ailments, my own pain, or my own anguish,” he said. “I had so many things to fight for, so the one-way road of recovery was my mental attitude, and that attitude was always to get better. There’s no option other than that.”

Throughout his recovery, Renner kept fans updated via social media, sharing videos of milestones such as walking for the first time with the aid of an anti-gravity treadmill and using a knee scooter for mobility.

Hinting at a return to acting, Renner recently posted an Instagram story featuring him and Emma Laird, his co-star in “Mayor of Kingstown,” on set. As he continues to make progress, fans eagerly anticipate the acclaimed actor’s return to the big screen.

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