Karan Johar says he is currently single: It was my sad ektarfa pyaar which I made Ae Dil Hai Mushkil from

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Karan Johar says he is currently single: It was my sad ektarfa pyaar which I made Ae Dil Hai Mushkil from

Mumbai, India – September 26, 2023

Famous filmmaker and Bollywood personality Karan Johar recently revealed that he is currently unattached romantically. During a candid conversation with designer Prabal Gurung, he touched upon his relationship status, shedding light on his past experiences with love.

Johar, known for his iconic contributions to Indian cinema, disclosed that he hasn’t had numerous relationships in his life, making it a challenge to find the right partner. 

He shared that it was in his mid-30s when he realized the complexity of establishing a balanced and fulfilling romantic relationship. However, his journey with love took a unique turn as he experienced unrequited love, which became the creative inspiration behind his film “Ae Dil Hai Mushkil.”

He affectionately referred to this experience as “sad ektarfa pyaar” (one-sided love), a sentiment that lingered for several years but taught him a profound lesson about the enduring power of love itself. 

Johar reflected on a memorable line from the film, spoken by Shah Rukh Khan’s character, which emphasized that “to love someone, you don’t need that person.” This philosophy deeply resonated with Johar, empowering him despite the heartache it brought.

While Johar refrained from labeling this period as traumatic, he acknowledged the immense personal growth and insight it afforded him. He confessed that he encountered challenges when navigating subsequent emotional journeys, unable to fully commit himself due to the profound investment he had made in the previous relationship, which ultimately did not materialize.

Nevertheless, Johar expressed gratitude for the abundant love he experiences daily. He referred to his twins, Yash and Roohi, as his most cherished love story, highlighting the profound love he shares with his mother, Hiroo Johar, whom he described as his unwavering pillar of support and the core of his strength.

Johar acknowledged the value of companionship during moments of solitude and expressed his desire for a loving relationship. While circumstances have not yet aligned for him in this regard, he remains hopeful and prays to the universe for the opportunity to someday share a relationship filled with strength and love.

Karan Johar’s candid revelation provides insight into the “complexities of love” and the profound impact it can have on “one’s life and creative endeavors.”

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