Lauren Boebert Apologizes for Theater Vaping Incident Amid Public Outcry

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Lauren Boebert Apologizes for Theater Vaping Incident Amid Public Outcry

Denver, CO – September 17, 2023

Lauren Boebert, the fiery Republican Representative from Colorado, issued an apology on Friday night following her recent controversial behavior at a performance of the musical “Beetlejuice” in Denver. The apology came after surveillance footage revealed her vaping and causing disruptions within the theater.

The 36-year-old congresswoman had initially denied reports of her vaping during the show, but a pregnant woman sitting behind her confronted her about it before both were ejected from the performance for “causing a disturbance,” as reported by The Denver Post.

In her statement, Boebert expressed remorse for the unwanted attention her actions had drawn to the Denver community. She explained that while her actions during that Sunday evening were not intended to be malicious, she acknowledged that they had caused harm and expressed her regret.

Boebert, who can be seen in the video interacting with her date and vaping amid a crowded theater, attributed her behavior to her ongoing “public and difficult divorce” and admitted to falling short of her personal values that evening. She further mentioned that she genuinely did not recall vaping during the event when her campaign initially denied the allegations.

The congresswoman, a mother of four, expressed her intention to work hard to regain the trust of her constituents in the wake of this incident. Her re-election campaign in 2022 had been a close call, with Boebert winning by just 546 votes.

Despite the narrow victory, Boebert’s conduct since January has attracted controversy and criticism from fellow Republicans. She attempted to force a vote on articles of impeachment against President Biden in June, alleging high crimes and misdemeanors related to immigration policies. However, her efforts were met with skepticism from some colleagues, and the matter was referred to committees for further examination.

Boebert also gained attention for her role in the House speaker’s election in January when she was one of the staunchest holdouts against Representative Kevin McCarthy, leveraging the opportunity for substantial Fox News exposure. Her public persona in the House has often been described as abrasive, with instances of heckling Democratic colleagues and limited interactions with reporters, except for her vocal support for former President Trump.

Despite the controversy, Boebert has built a devoted following among right-wing supporters. Her provocative style and outspoken rhetoric have earned her a national fanbase. She has notably spoken out against drag performances for children and accused the left of “grooming” children through exposure to “obscene content.”

The incident at the “Beetlejuice” performance has once again thrust Boebert into the national spotlight, and her apology appears to be a step towards addressing the fallout.

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