Man Kills 4 Family Members Before Suicide In Vancouver, Washington

Vancouver, Washington – December 5, 2023

Man Kills 4 Family Members In Vancouver, Washington

In a harrowing incident that has left the community in shock, authorities report that a man is believed to have killed his wife, two adult daughters, and his brother before turning the weapon on himself at their residence over the weekend.

The Clark County Sheriff’s Office is actively investigating the horrifying event, withholding the identities of the victims until autopsies are concluded by the Clark County Medical Examiner’s Office in the coming days. The incident came to light when the sheriff’s office responded to a welfare check call on Sunday at a residence in Vancouver, situated along the southern border of Washington, approximately nine miles north of Portland, Oregon.

It has been clarified that the welfare check request was received after 1:06 p.m. on Sunday. Shockingly, a text message from the suspected assailant had been sent to the individual who initiated the welfare check over four hours before the call. However, the recipient only discovered the message later in the day.

In response to the potential threat posed by firearms within the residence, law enforcement deployed an Unmanned Aircraft System (UAS) to conduct a preliminary assessment. The UAS identified multiple individuals who appeared to be deceased. Following this discovery, SWAT operators and medics entered the home, confirming the tragic deaths of five individuals.

As the community grapples with the devastating news, the investigation led by the Clark County Sheriff’s Office is ongoing. Authorities are committed to unraveling the circumstances surrounding this heart-wrenching incident and providing support to those affected by this unimaginable tragedy.

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