Married At First Sight’s Dr. Trisha Stratford Passes Away at 72

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Married At First Sight's Dr. Trisha Stratford Passes Away at 72

Sydney, Australia – September 26, 2023

The world of Married At First Sight (MAFS) was left in mourning as the news broke that former relationship expert, Dr. Trisha Stratford, had passed away at the age of 72. Her demise sent shockwaves through the show’s devoted fanbase.

What adds an extra layer of heartbreak to this loss is the revelation that Stratford had recently entered what she described to her close friends as the “happiest stage of her life” and had “so much planned” for the future.

While Dr. Trisha Stratford was widely recognized for her role as a neuropsychologist on MAFS, her remarkable life story encompassed much more. Before she embarked on her journey with the Channel Nine reality show, she had been a fearless war correspondent, reporting from the frontlines in Somalia and Bosnia. She was also a prolific author, penning two books, and a producer and director of over 20 prime-time documentaries addressing various social justice issues.

Her repertoire extended further into the realms of hostage negotiation and workshops on resilience, conflict transformation, and visionary leadership across the globe.

However, as she reached her sixties, Stratford started to shift her focus. She relocated from her native New Zealand to Sydney to be closer to her beloved daughter, Gina and decided to slow down her hectic schedule. She had no idea that her life was on the brink of an unforeseen change.

In 2015, at the age of 62, she made a transformative choice to join the inaugural season of Married At First Sight. This decision catapulted her into a whirlwind existence that would see her as a relationship expert on the show for the first seven seasons.

Although her initial seasons on MAFS filled her with fulfillment, she confided that she felt “conflicted” as the show increasingly prioritized drama over genuine connections. She courageously walked away from the show ahead of season eight in 2021, explaining that she could not compromise her professional and personal standards, particularly concerning some participants she felt should not have been on the program.

Interestingly, it was during this phase of her life that she serendipitously met the love of her life, Roger, on a blind date. The couple’s chemistry was undeniable from their very first encounter, even though they had to navigate a long-distance relationship, with Stratford in Sydney for the show and Roger residing in Auckland. The challenges of maintaining a long-distance relationship eventually played a pivotal role in her decision to leave the hit TV program.

Following her departure from MAFS, Dr. Trisha Stratford and Roger began sharing a life together, initially in Auckland. They filled their days with cycling, jogging, and their shared passion for art. The couple even acquired property in a quaint French village, where they planned to spend several months each year, renovating and enjoying life.

Tragically, Dr. Trisha Stratford’s untimely passing came before she could fully realize these plans. Her legacy, however, remains in the hearts of those she touched with her wisdom, insight, and vibrant presence.

A representative from Channel Nine expressed deep sadness over her passing, extending condolences to her family and closest associates.

Dr. Trisha Stratford was a woman of immense accomplishment and extraordinary depth. She leaves behind a legacy that spans far beyond her time on television, and she will be remembered with reverence and respect.

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