Mayo Teacher Team Triumphs on Family Feud, Securing $10,000 for J.V. Clark School

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Mayo, Canada – September 25, 2023

A momentous victory on the Canadian game show “Family Feud” has brought not only a cash prize but also a sense of unity to the community of Mayo. The triumphant team, representing J.V. Clark School, competed on September 20, claiming $10,000 and newfound recognition for their remarkable win.

The key to their victory hinged on a single question: to rate their job satisfaction on a scale of one to ten. Amy Noseworthy, a devoted teacher at J.V. Clark School, didn’t hesitate to respond with a resounding “10”. This answer not only surprised her teammates but also baffled the host, Gerry Dee, who remarked, “No one loves their job that much!” However, Noseworthy’s unwavering love for her profession earned her team the winning points.

Brett Stauffer, another member of the team, shared that the sentiment expressed by Noseworthy resonated deeply within the community. The victory was a source of pride and celebration, with approximately 120 community members gathering at the Mayo Community Center to watch the episode together.

Stauffer described the atmosphere as electric, with attendees enjoying popcorn and refreshments while witnessing the nail-biting competition. The win had been kept a closely guarded secret since the team’s participation in the Toronto taping back in mid-August. Despite numerous attempts by community members to uncover the outcome, the team managed to maintain the suspense.

Regarding the $10,000 prize, Stauffer explained that the team intends to involve the entire school staff in deciding how to allocate the funds. They aim to direct the money towards a lasting legacy for the school, potentially funding projects like a mural.

In the meantime, the Mayo community continues to bask in the glory of this extraordinary achievement. For a community that has faced its share of challenges, this win has provided a heartwarming reason to come together and celebrate.

Stauffer noted the significance of allowing his class to watch the episode during school hours, emphasizing that such moments of triumph are rare and deserve to be celebrated.

The episode is available for streaming on CBC Gem, allowing viewers to relive the exhilarating victory of the J.V. Clark School team on “Family Feud.”

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