Miraculous Rescue: Missing Texas Hiker Found Alive in Big Bend National Park

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Miraculous Rescue: Missing Texas Hiker Found Alive in Big Bend National Park

Odessa, Texas – November 19, 2023

In a remarkable turn of events, a Texas hiker who had been missing for over a week was discovered alive in Big Bend National Park, as announced by park officials on Friday. Christy Perry, 25, had been assumed missing since November 9, prompting concerns from her family when she failed to make it to a campground reservation on that fateful evening.

The National Park Service released a statement expressing their satisfaction with the successful search and rescue operation. “We are pleased to report a successful search and rescue operation in Big Bend National Park. Our highly skilled team, in collaboration with outside law enforcement, has located and safely rescued the missing hiker.”

Christy Perry, under medical care, was promptly transported to a hospital in Odessa, Texas. According to the National Park Service, she was “awake and talking” when discovered on Friday morning. However, no further details regarding her condition were disclosed at this time.

Perry’s family reported her missing after she failed to return to Houston as planned following her expedition to Big Bend National Park. Arriving at the park on November 9, Perry did not make it to her camping reservation at the Chisos Basin Campground that night, as confirmed by the National Park Service. Her rental car was subsequently found at the trailhead of Lost Mine Trail.

The search for Perry began with Park Rangers and U.S. Border Patrol Agents on Wednesday. In efforts to locate her, the “4.8-mile round trip Lost Mine Trail” was closed on Thursday to provide ample space for search teams. 

The search persisted into Friday when rescuers made the miraculous discovery at 9:30 a.m., locating her “approximately 1/4 mile below the summit of the Lost Mine Trail,” according to the National Park Service.

Situated in southwestern Texas near the “U.S.-Mexico border, Big Bend National Park” covers around “800,000 acres.” The successful rescue of Christy Perry brings relief and joy to both her family and the community, highlighting the dedication and expertise of the search and rescue teams involved in the operation.

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