Moroccan individual charged in connection with bomb threats against Ontario schools

Ontario, Canada – December 27, 2023

bomb threats against Ontario schools

Ontario Provincial Police (OPP) have charged a 45-year-old individual from Casablanca, Morocco, in connection with a series of bomb threats targeting schools across northern and eastern Ontario in early November.

The threats, which included both religious and non-religious schools, as well as some unspecified “public facilities,” were made on November 1. Authorities revealed that the suspect demanded money in exchange for information about alleged explosives at these locations.

Despite an intense response by law enforcement, no bombs or incendiary devices were discovered. However, as a precautionary measure, many buildings were evacuated or closed for the day.

Subsequent investigations by the OPP led to the identification and arrest of the suspect in Morocco later in November. The authorities stated they had “strong reason” to believe the detained individual was responsible for the bomb threats.

On December 27, the OPP officially announced that “El Hachm El Moussi,” a 45-year-old from Casablanca, has been charged in connection with the investigation. The charges include two counts each of uttering threats, mischief, and extortion.

A news release from the OPP stated, “The OPP is consulting with the Federal Department of Justice to determine how the accused will appear before the Ontario Court of Justice.” However, it’s essential to note that the charges against “El Hachm El Moussi” have not been proven in court.

This incident underscores the international nature of cyber threats and the collaborative efforts required to address them. The OPP’s successful identification and charging of the suspect highlight the importance of cross-border cooperation in maintaining public safety.

As the legal proceedings unfold, the Ontario community awaits further details on the case and the potential extradition process for the accused individual. The charges brought against “El Hachm El Moussi” signify a stern response to those who engage in making threats that disrupt the peace and security of educational institutions and public spaces.

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