Nelly Confirms His Relationship with Ashanti, Admitting Surprise from Both Ends

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Nelly Confirms His Relationship with Ashanti, Admitting Surprise from Both Ends

September 13, 2023

Decades after their first encounter, Nelly still finds himself blushing with affection every time he mentions Ashanti, his beloved.

While Nelly and Ashanti haven’t exactly been covert about their recent reconnection, neither artist officially confirmed their rekindled relationship until this month. In a recent interview, the “Just A Dream” artist joyfully revealed that he and his ex are giving love a second chance. However, he candidly admitted that it was a delightful surprise for both him and Ashanti to naturally gravitate back into each other’s lives.

“Yeah, we’re cool again,” Nelly enthusiastically disclosed to the interview hosts, his smile radiating his deep affection for the New York-born singer. His cheeks even flushed with the warmth of his feelings for his partner. Reflecting on their renewed bond, the 48-year-old artist mused, “I think it surprised both of us, though. It wasn’t something that was planned, I don’t think. We were both essentially doing our own things.”

Nelly continued, “Sometimes, being apart allows you to truly comprehend each other. It’s like, ‘Let me try to see precisely what they see.’ We all tend to get defensive at times in our relationships.” Although the “Hot In Herre” hitmaker didn’t delve into specifics about the lessons learned from past experiences, it appears he’s now committed to seeking a higher perspective rather than clinging to the need to always be right.

Witnessing former lovers taking steps toward reconciliation is always heartwarming. Nevertheless, Ashanti’s fans also eagerly await her travel updates, particularly the enviable snapshots from her 2023 global adventures. Recently, she captivated her audience by donning a striking green bikini while exploring some of the world’s most picturesque destinations. To see these enticing photos, click the link below, and share in the comments which other celebrity ex-couples you hope to see rekindle their connections.

For more celebrity updates and heartwarming reunions, stay tuned.

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