New York City Mayor Eric Adams Advocates for Federal Support in Washington D.C. Amidst Migrant Challenges

Washington, D.C. – December 8, 2023

New York City Mayor Eric Adams Advocates for Federal

The Mayor of New York City “Eric Adams” is set to address key federal officials in Washington D.C. on Thursday, seeking support and financial aid from the federal government to address the challenges posed by the growing migrant population in the city. Adams, a Democrat, has expressed frustration with the lack of assistance and financial resources provided by the federal government to cope with the influx of over 113,000 migrants.

This marks the tenth visit by Mayor Adams to the nation’s capital specifically to discuss the issues New York City faces about migrants. His objective is to emphasize the impact on the city and secure increased federal assistance to cover the substantial costs associated with housing and caring for the migrants.

“The goal is to constantly go there, be front and center, and raise the concerns of how this is impacting our city. And that’s the goal,” Adams stated, emphasizing the necessity of keeping the challenges faced by the city in the spotlight.

Mayor Adams is scheduled to meet separately with “Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer and House Minority Leader Hakeem Jeffries, both Democrats from New York.” Additionally, he is expected to engage with FEMA Administrator Deanne Criswell to discuss the specific needs of New York City in managing the migrant situation.

While it remains uncertain if Mayor Adams will have meetings at the White House, he firmly believes that the federal government should bear the financial burden of addressing the migrant situation over the next three years. He argues that the estimated $12 billion cost over this period should not be shouldered by New York City taxpayers, asserting that this is a national problem requiring a federal response.

Mayor Adams has been critical of FEMA’s funding allocation, expressing dissatisfaction with the disparity between the number of migrants arriving in New York City and the corresponding funding received. He contends that only a fraction of the allocated $350 million, specifically $30 million, was directed to New York City, making the situation unsustainable.

The mayor has consistently advocated for federal intervention, calling for a state of emergency to address the “crisis” at the border in August. He reported that since the spring of 2022, more than “113,000 asylum-seekers” have sought shelter in “New York.”

Meanwhile, negotiations on Capitol Hill regarding legislation to address the migrant influx on the U.S.-Mexico border have hit a roadblock. Republicans insist on including border security provisions in an emergency supplemental bill, which would also offer aid to Israel and Ukraine. However, the Senate was blocked from opening debate on the measure due to disagreements over immigration proceedings and U.S. asylum laws.

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