New York City Mayor Eric Adams faces historical sexual assault allegations from 1993

New York City Mayor Eric Adams faces historical sexual assault allegations from 1993

New York City, NY – November 23, 2023

In a surprising turn of events, legal documents submitted on Wednesday in the “Supreme Court of New York” allege that Mayor “Eric Adams” engaged in sexual assault against a female colleague in 1993. The woman, who was an employee of the city at that time, is pursuing a minimum of $5 million in damages, asserting claims of “sexual assault, battery, employment gender discrimination, retaliation, a hostile work environment, and intentional infliction of emotional distress.”

Mayor Adams, who spoke at the September 2023 “Concordia Annual Summit,” is currently confronted with significant allegations from his previous experiences. The accuser making the allegations, opting to keep their identity confidential, asserts that they were working for the city during the alleged assault.

According to a spokesperson from City Hall, Mayor “Adams vehemently” refutes these allegations, asserting that he has no recollection of ever encountering the accuser. The spokesperson stated, “The mayor does not know who this person is. If they ever met, he doesn’t recall it. But he would never do anything to physically harm another person and vigorously denies any such claim.”

This legal filingagainst Adams is notably significant, occurring only48 hours before the expiration of the “New York Adult Survivors Act.”This legislation has opened the door for legal actions against prominent individuals, including “former President Donald Trump, hip-hop mogul Sean Diddy Combs, and Academy Award-winning actor Jamie Foxx.” The legislation grants one year for adult survivors of sexual assault to initiate legal proceedings, irrespective of when the initial statute of limitations lapsed.

In a recent legal proceeding, Trump was held accountable for allegations of sexual abuse and defamation brought by “E. Jean Carroll.” He was instructed to provide a payment of “$5 million.” Sean Combs resolved a legal dispute initiated by singer Cassie, who alleged him of sexual assault and abuse. There has been no immediate response from representatives of Jamie Foxx regarding comparable accusations.

The legal filing against Mayor Adams also names the city, “the New York Police Department Guardians Association, the New York Transit Police Department, and three other undisclosed entities.” However, the document does not provide specific details regarding the allegations against these entities.

As this controversy unfolds in the heart of New York City, the mayor’s response and the legal proceedings will undoubtedly draw significant attention, potentially shaping the political landscape of the city in the coming months.

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