NTSB Preliminary Report Reveals Missing Bolts Behind Boeing 737 Max 9 Door Incident

Washington, D.C. – February 7, 2024

NTSB Preliminary Report Reveals Missing Bolts Behind Boeing 737 Max

In a preliminary report, the U.S. “National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB)” disclosed that the recent incident involving an “Alaska Airlines-operated Boeing 737 Max 9” was caused by the absence of four crucial bolts from a door panel. The door blew off mid-air on January 5, prompting a 19-day grounding of all “Boeing Max 9 models.” The NTSB’s findings indicate that the missing bolts, initially installed by contractor “Spirit AeroSystems” during assembly in “Kansas,” were not reinstalled after repair work at Boeing’s Renton factory in Washington.

Boeing, responding to the “NTSB report,” expressed appreciation for the investigation and pledged full cooperation. Boeing’s President and CEO, “Dave Calhoun,” acknowledged accountability and outlined a comprehensive plan to strengthen quality, ensuring proper installation of all “737-9 mid-exit door plugs.” The company is actively implementing measures to enhance overall quality and stability across the “737 production system,” inviting additional reviews from 737 customers and pledging full support for ongoing FAA investigations.

The aviation industry closely watches Boeing’s response to this incident, emphasizing the importance of robust safety measures in commercial aircraft manufacturing.

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